Best Party Beaches In South America (Hero)

The 10 Wildest Party Beaches In South America

With over 25,000km of coastline, South America has hundreds of beaches to choose from. Here are my top 10 picks for the best party beaches in South America.


What Makes A Great Party Beach In South America?

In my opinion, a great party beach in South America has these things:



  • Obviously, a nice beach where you’re allowed to go and drink on – whether it has beach front bars and clubs or it’s somewhere people gather at the end of a night
  • A handful of decent party hostels to choose from – so you can meet other people and have a gang to party with
  • A good sunrise is always a bonus. If you’re partying to the early hours of the morning, then seeing the sunrise is always a treat (but usually a sign to go home too).


Here are my top 10 picks for the best party beaches in South America:

The 10 Best Party Beaches In South America

1. Montañita (Ecuador)

  • Lots of bars and clubs
  • Beautiful sunsets on the Pacific coast 
  • Language and surf schools

The town of Montanita is hugely popular with backpackers, all seeking good surf and even better nightlife.


It’s also a great hub for some of the best language schools in the country and the perfect place to learn Spanish.


The combination of morning language classes, sunset surf sessions, and mad parties are difficult to tear yourself away from.


Many travellers find themselves staying for weeks and months rather than days.


The party never stops in Montanita. With all the different bars and club nights on the strip by the beach, you’ll never be at a loss if you fancy some mad nights out. 


Most of the clubs can be found at the end of the strip facing onto the beach. The biggest and best – ‘Lost Beach Club’ – is famous for holding some of the biggest nights in South America and has attracted famous DJs for a number of years.

Best Party Hostels In Montanita

  • Selina – close to the beach, has a pool and a great co-working space too
  • Pop House – nice pool and social areas

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Montanita Beach (Ecuador)

2. Santa Marta (Colombia)

  • Great backpacker hostels
  • Rooftop bars and late night clubs overlooking the ocean 
  • Beach parties until sunrise

Santa Marta is a coastal town on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.


You have so many great things to do here including visiting the Minca in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and trekking in Tayrona National Park. 


One of my favourite things about Santa Marta is a the party scene. You have a great mix of backpackers and locals, and some great party hostels too.


I stayed at the Dreamer Hostel which is just outside of the centre of town. This is one of my favourite hostels as it has a pool and bar area perfect for socialising and meeting other people.


If you want to carry on into the night, then take a taxi to El Mirador Club which looks out onto the bay.


Then finally, in Rodadero you can party on the beach until the sun comes up.

Best Party Hostels In Santa Marta

  • The Dreamer – outside of the many town but one of the nicest and most social.
  • La Brisa Loca – in the middle of town and the best party hostel around with a rooftop bar and dancefloor. 
Santa Marta, Colombia

3. Palomino (Colombia)

  • Endless stretches of beach
  • Great hostels and activities such as river tubing 
  • More secret local beach parties than huge clubs 

Palomino is a quite town in the north of the country close to Santa Marta.


Palomino started as an off-the-beaten track town that has grown popular in recent years with backpackers.


Travellers come here for a few days to enjoy tubing along the jungle rivers or to wander along the endless stretches of empty beach


The tubing can be a relaxing journey or depending on who you go with, it can turn into a party.


If you manage to join a big crew of backpackers then people will bring alcohol and enjoy floating through the jungle with a few beers as well.


When you arrive, make sure to speak to the locals or the staff working at your hostel about any secret beach parties going on.


These beach parties won’t be advertised anywhere but all the locals will know about them.

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Best Party Hostels In Palomino

  • Rio Hostel Buritaca – this hostel is in between Santa Marta and Palomino so it’s a little far out. But definitely worth checking out if you are looking for something a bit different! Some of the best late night parties will be hosted here.
  • The Dreamer – huge pool and lots of hammocks to chill in during the day. You can walk straight out onto the beach from the hostel. 
Palomino Beach (Colombia)

4. Mancora (Peru)

  • Endless stretches of beach
  • Great party hostels 
  • A strip of beach bars to end the night

Mancora is popular surf town in the north of Peru.


It’s filled with locals, backpackers and other tourists wanting to do two simple things: surf and party.


The best places to let loose are the Loki, Point and Wild Rover hostels, but to be honest any of the other backpacker hostels in town which double up as bars and clubs will lead to a wild night.


Loki, Point and Wild Rover all have great pools and poolside bars which back out onto the beach.


The hostel staff will regularly run activities and drinking games which often leads to some epic day drinking sessions.


Then people head out into town and onto the strip of bars along the beach to end the night. 

Best Party Hostels In Mancora

  • Loki – huge pool right next to the beach and know for hosting wild parties.
  • The Point – huge pool that backs out onto the beach. 

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Joe from Shall We Go Home Travel on the boardwalks behind Perito Moreno Glacier

This could be you, living your dream trip in Patagonia.

5. Ipanema and Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro (Brazil)

  • Endless stretches of beach
  • Vibrant atmosphere in the day
  • Beach side bars looking out onto the sea

These two beaches are on the list together as they are essentially one long beach.


This huge stretch of golden sand will be buzzing throughout the day and filled with locals and tourists enjoying the sun and playing football.


As the evening arrives, you can find many small beach bars on the sidewalk close to the beach. Head here and order a caipirinha (Brazil’s popular cocktail which is a blend of lime, caster sugar and cachaça that’s topped with tonnes of ice).


The best time to visit though is always in February for Carnival!


You’ll find a party everyday on the beach. I went to one that started at 9AM!

Best Party Hostels In Rio

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South America Parties on the beach

6. Florianópolis (Brazil)

  • Over 40 beaches to choose from
  • Great surfing for any level 
  • Beach front hostels 

Florianopolis is a huge island with over 40 beaches.


This island has something for everyone, from water sports and surfing, to secluded beaches and sunset viewpoints perfect for sunbathing.


The main party scene can be found in Lagoa in the centre of the island whereas most of the beach parties are around Jurerê International Beach and Joaquina Beach.


Try to time your travels to Florianopolis in the Brazilian summer (Dec-Feb) and this island will be packed with Brazilians on holiday looking to party. 

Best Party Hostels In Florianopolis

Hostels are spread out all over the island but along the famous beaches is where most are clustered. 


The hostels close to Barra Da Lagoa have some of the best beachfront locations.


I’m only going to mention one as this is one of the best hostels in all of South America:


  • Search House Hostel – this place has such an incredible set up, staff and location. It’s right on the beach and has its own private stretch only for people staying at the hostel. The hostel regularly hosts DJ’s and other party nights
Florianopolis (Brazil)

7. Mar Del Plata (Argentina)

  • Over 40 beaches to choose from
  • Great surfing for any level 
  • Beach front hostels 

Argentinians flock to Mar Del Plata in the summer to party by the beach.


Located a 5 hour drive south of the capital Buenos Aires, Mara Del Plata is a big tourist destination full of resorts, but is also draws in a young crowd looking to enjoy the sun and let loose at night.


Hit Playa Grande during the day to soak up the sun.


Whilst you won’t find beach bars or clubs, the nightlife in Mar Del Plata is the stuff of legend, and the city is known for its super clubs.


Head to Avenida Constitucion and Avenida Costanera for some big name clubs such as Chocolate and Sobremonte.

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8. Punta Del Este (Uruguay)

  • Great summer atmosphere full of Brazilians, Argentinians and Uruguayans 
  • Beautiful beach 
  • Surfing
  • Lots of super clubs to choose from

If a town is nicknamed the ‘Miami of South America’ then you know its going to be a great place to party.


The town is set on a peninsula and its two best beaches, Playa Mansa (calm beach) and Playa Brava (turbulent beach), are found either side.


Punta del Este has some of Uruguay’s best nightlife and is full of glamorous resorts that are extremely popular with Argentines and Brazilians.


Of a night-time, party-goers will make for the club hubs of La Barra to the east or Punta Ballena to the west.

Best Party Hostels In Punta Del Este

  • Selina – always a great shout, especially if you’re a digital nomad. You’ll always meet people at a Selina!
  • Mundaka Hostel y Bar – huge pool and bar area, perfect for starting the night off before heading to the clubs.
  • F and F Hostel – another great place with a pool. Right next to the best surf beach as well – Playa Brava
Punta Del Este, Uruguay

9. Morro de Sao Paulo (Brazil)

  • Great summer atmosphere full of Brazilians, Argentinians and Uruguayans 
  • Beautiful beach 
  • Surfing
  • Lots of super clubs to choose from

Morro is a small village located on an island, on the northeastern tip of Brazil’s Tinharé Island in the Bahia northern State.


It’s a beautiful village that is relatively unknown to most travellers which is strange because its home to some of the best beaches and parties in the whole of Brazil.


December to March is the busiest time and travellers from Brazil and around the whole (especially Israelis) flock here.


The island has some great bars and clubs but the best part is the Luaus (Brazilian Beach Party) on Mondays and Thursdays at the Second Beach of Morro de Sao Paulo.


This beach party has a live DJ, sometimes a stage with live music, carts selling drinks and you’ll find people dancing the night away on the sand.

Best Party Hostels In Punta Del Este

  • Che Lagarto – this chain of hostels in Brazil is always a good pick for backpackers. 

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View of First beach in Morro de Sao Paulo, Brazil

10. Vina Del Mar (Chile)

Vina Del Mar is great coastal town with an awesome beach and fun party vibes.


The beach is beautiful, with soft sand and clear blue water, perfect for swimming and relaxing in the sun.


And when the sun sets, the party scene comes alive!


There are lots of bars and clubs near the beach where you can dance and have a great time. One popular spot is Sausalito, a club known for its lively atmosphere and great music. 

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