Zero Plastic Waste Travel Toiletries


No matter how good you are when travelling, it seems like plastic waste from your toiletries is impossible to cut down. Having to replace shampoo, shower gel and toothpaste every few weeks means leaving a trail of plastic behind you. Luckily, the world has started to adapt to this problem and is now providing innovative ways to reduce your plastic waste. Here ‘s our top 6 items to help keep your toiletry bag plastic-free.

1. Matador Flatpak Soap Bar Case

+stops you buying plastic shower gel bottles

+saves space

+bar of soap lasts longer than shower gel

Buying a bar of soap instead of shower gel is the first step to cutting out plastic in your travel toiletry bag.


A bar of soap lasts longer than shower gel (4-6 weeks if you let it dry out properly) compared to shower gel which is easy to overuse. Leaving a bar of soap rattling around in your bag isn’t ideal, however, especially if it’s wet after use.


Buying a soap bar case solves that problem, and buying a compactable one also avoids having a large plastic soap bar case taking up room in your bag.


The Matador Flatpak Soap Bar Case is a cleverly designed piece of gear that solves this problem. It’s up to 3x lighter and 6x more compact than typical plastic soap bar cases.


The flexible material adapts to different shaped soap bars, and Dry-Through™ technology allows your soap to dry whilst in the case. Waterproof, leak-proof, clean, and easy to use, it won’t get damaged or soaked by any unfortunate leaks from your other products. The Rolltop with side release buckle can clip onto anything, from a bag to a shower caddy so you can hang it in the shower whilst using it.


eco accessories
Zero Plastic Waste Travel Toiletries

2. Shampoo Bars

+stops you buying plastic shampoo bottles

+saves space

+cost effective


– less lather than bottled shampoo

Step two to a zero plastic toiletry bag is to get rid of the shampoo bottle.


A few clever eco warriors have gone and created the shampoo bar (and conditioner if you want that as well). Shampoo bars are ultra-concentrated shampoo in the form of a solid bar. In the shower, you use it as a bar of soap and lather it up and rub it onto your hair.


Many shampoo bars use eco-friendly packaging, which helps further to reduce the amount of plastic in our environment.


Personally, we would buy a second Matador Flatpak to store ours. Also, shampoo bars save you money too as one bar of shampoo can last as long as 2-3 full-size bottles of shampoo!


eco friendly travel soaps
eco friendly travel soap

3. Refillable Deodorant

+serious plastic reduction


-carrying refills will take up space

Aerosol cans are rarely recycled because they aren’t fully empty when you are finished with them. This creates additional work and often leads to more waste build-up. Deodorant is also something that people go through very quickly and might use more than once a month.


Myro has created a refillable roll-on deodorant to keep you green and fresh. Choose how frequently you want to receive refills from 3-6 months further helping to reduce your carbon footprint with fewer deliveries.


The only downside is it’s a bit bulky, so it takes up more room in your toiletry bag.


eco travel kit (plastic free)
eco travel kit

4. Bamboo Toothbrush

+no plastic


-less flexibility/frills than plastic toothbrushes

Dentists say you should replace your toothbrush every time you go through a tube of toothpaste (every three months).


Even if you aren’t (and we suspect this is just a marketing tactic), it’s better to get out of the plastic supply chain and invest in bamboo.


If you happen to break this little guy or leave him behind somewhere, you can feel better knowing that bamboo isn’t harming the environment as it’s a sustainable resource.


Zero Plastic Waste Toiletries
eco toothbrush

5. Chewable Toothpaste

-more expensive than regular toothpaste

After buying a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, now it’s time to get rid of the plastic tubes as well.


With chewable toothpaste, all you do is pop a tablet in your mouth, bite down and brush away. It lathers up just like regular toothpaste.


When you order your first batch, it will come in a refillable glass jar which you can take away with you. This is a subscription service, which delivers four months’ worth of toothpaste three times a year, each delivery comes in a compostable packet.


So even if you’re away for a couple of weeks rather than a couple of months, you can still switch to tablets and continue using them at home.


eco toothpaste
eco bite balm

6. Eco Friendly Floss

-more expensive than regular toothpaste

Finally, to remove that last piece of plastic packaging in your toiletries, you need to get rid of the floss container.


As many as 700 million plastic floss containers are discarded every year according to Humble.


Humble’s floss comes in a recyclable, eco-friendly package and the nylon floss biodegrades. They also sell floss picks made from plant-based material and interdental brushes made from bamboo. They’ve covered every base.


eco tooth picks
eco travel kit (plastic free)

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