How Many Days In Florianopolis? 3 Great Itineraries

Florianopolis has pristine beaches, untouched nature and adrenaline-pumping activities. But how many days in Florianopolis is enough? Here are three itineraries from 3-7 days to help you plan your trip!


How Many Days Do You Need In Florianopolis?

With over 40 beaches, this is a huge tropical island worth dedicating your time to. But how many days in Florianopolis is enough?


I recommend a week in total in Florianopolis.


I know this might not be realistic for many travellers who are short on time and money, but if you are spending time in Brazil, then I will always recommend dedicating more time to this incredible island.


However, here are some other itinerary options:



  • 3 Days In Florianopolis – perfect for travellers short on time. 3 days gives you enough time to spend a day at the beach, go hiking and chill at the lagoon which are my top 3 things to do.


  • 5 Days In Florianopolis – ideal for those with extra time and who want to get some surfing in or just want to see more of the island.


  • 7 Days In Florianopolis – my recommended option so that you can see the downtown area, go surfing, hike and spend some days at the beach without having to rush. 
How Many Days In Florianopolis

Florianopolis 3-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Surfing at Praia Mole
  • Day 2 – Lagohina Do Leste
  • Day 3 – Barra Da Lagoa

Day 1 - Surfing At Praia Mole

Florianopolis is a surfers paradise and many of its beaches are regarded as the best surf spots in the world.


Praia Mole, renowned for its consistent waves, is perfect for surf enthusiasts. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced surfer, this beach offers the ideal conditions for learning or perfecting your skills.


Other popular spots include Praia Brava, Praia Joaquina and Praia Campeche.


Here are some of the top surf schools in Florianopolis where you can get lessons or rent boards:



Day 2 – Lagoinha do Leste

One of the best things to do on Florianopolis is the Lagoinha do Leste trek.


This is a moderate 1-hour hike leading to one of Florianopolis’s best-kept secrets – a secluded beach.


The trek takes you through lush forest landscapes with clifftop, and as you reach the pristine shores of Lagoinha do Leste,  you’ll be rewarded with an empty beach.


Far from the crowds, this hidden gem is the perfect escape for a day.

How To Visit Lagoinha Do Leste

This beach can be found in the south of the island. Depending on your location, you can use public transport, taxi or a rental car to reach the start of the trail. 


Lagoinha do Leste is accessible by two main trails: Matadeiro and Pântano do Sul. 


Click here for Google Maps.


If you prefer a shorter hike, take the Pântano do Sul trail. This route is simpler and offers a quicker way to reach the beach.

Secluded Beach On Florianopolis (Brazil)

Day 3 – Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição is one of the best spots on the island.


With its own beaches, dunes, hills and being the biggest lagoon on the island, you have everything you need here to have a good time.


Start by walking along Avenida das Rendeiras and stop off at one of the lake front restaurants for food or a drink. 


The lake is also a haven for water sports enthusiasts and you can go kayaking, paddleboarding, or simply going for a swim.


Or if you prefer land, you can trek up to Mirante do Morro da Lagoa for the best views of the lake or go sandboarding among the dunes (see below).

Florianopolis (lagoa da conceição)

Florianopolis 5-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Surfing at Praia Mole
  • Day 2 – Lagohina Do Leste
  • Day 3 – Lagoa da Conceição
  • Day 4 – Historical Centre
  • Day 5 – Barra Da Lagoa

Day 4 – Historical Centre

With 5 days on Florianopolis, you can use the extra time to learn more about the island.


On a walking tour you’ll learn about the history of this island, from its colonial origins to its revolutionary revolt at the beginning of the Brazilian Republic.


You’ll see some of the best sights including the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Hercilio Luz Bridge, the largest suspension bridge in the world.


Join a free Strawberry Walking Tour where knowledgeable guides unravel the stories behind the historic landmarks.


Or try this bike tour if you want a more active day out that includes food and a sunset stop. 

Day 5 – Barra da Lagoa

Discover the quieter side of Florianopolis by visiting the many fishing villages like Barra da Lagoa.


Aside from enjoying a wander around this peaceful village, Praia Barra da Lagoa is also a must visit for the day.


I also recommend staying in this area if its your first time on the island.


The town has several hostels but there’s none better than The Search House Hostel, set on the white sand beach of Praia Barra Da Lagoa with its own private beach area stretching 9km!

For more on my top picks of hostels around South America, head to the post below:



beaches inSouth America
hostel room

Florianopolis 7-Day Itinerary

  • Day 1 – Surfing at Praia Mole
  • Day 2 – Lagohina Do Leste
  • Day 3 – Lagoa da Conceição
  • Day 4 – Historical Centre
  • Day 5 – Barra Da Lagoa
  • Day 6 – Jurere
  • Day 7 – Paragliding

Day 6 - Jurere

With 7 days on Florianopolis, you can explore the island in its entirety.


The island is 33 miles long, so one one of the best ways to explore is by renting your own transport.


My personal favourite is a motorbike but I understand not everyone will have a licence so go with a scooter instead. You can try:


Or if there’s a few of you travelling together, travel in style with a convertible! With the wind in your hair, venture through coastal roads, discovering hidden corners of the island at your pace.


Once you’re set up with transport, head north to Jurere.


Jurere boasts two main beaches – Jurere Internacional and Jurere Tradicional. Jurere Internacional is renowned for its upscale beach clubs, high-end resorts, and a vibrant party scene.


In contrast, Jurere Tradicional offers a more laid-back atmosphere, making it a favourite among families and those seeking tranquillity.

Brazil’s beaches are one of the many reasons why you need to visit this incredible country. To see the full list, head to the post below:



Florianopolis (Mole Beach)

Day 7 – Paragliding

7 days is the perfect amount of time on Florianopolis and you can use your final day to relax on your favourite beach or carry on with the adventures.


For an adrenaline rush like no other, take the plunge and experience paragliding at Lagoa De Conceicao.


Soar high above the island, capturing panoramic views of Florianopolis’s breathtaking landscapes from a different perspective.


Parapente have 25 years of experience and the best reviews. 

Florianopolis Suspension Bridge

Is Florianopolis Worth Visiting?

Florianopolis is one of my favourite places in Brazil and I think it’s well worth a visit, even more so than places like Sao Paulo.


It’s a huge island with over 40 beaches, where you can find built up city areas, quaint fishing villages or secluded beaches.


This island has something for everyone from surf and beach bums to adventure travellers and its worth adding to your itinerary when you visit Brazil.

For more reasons why you can’t miss Florianopolis, head to the post below:



Where To Stay In Florianopolis

Florianopolis is a huge island so it can be difficult to work out the best area to stay in.


I recommend staying in two places: Barra Da Lagoa or on the south shore of Lagoa da Conceição.

Barra Da Lagoa

If you prefer a quieter environment, then stay in Barra Da Lagoa.


You can find a nice airnb or if you want to meet people go for Search House. It has a pool, yoga area, meditation space, and hammocks.


And you can walk straight onto the white sands of Barra Da Lagoa Beach from its gardens. 

Lagoa da Conceição

If you want to be closer to the bars, restaurants and other backpacker hostels, stay on the southern shore of Lagoa da Conceição.


In the downtown area, you can find some of the best hostels on the island along with some great coffee shops too.


You can then easily walk along Avenida das Rendeiras and stop off at one of the lake front restaurants for food or a drink of an evening.


Check out:



  • Geckos Hostel – has a pool and is closer to the bars and restaurants
  • Selina – a little bit further away from Avenida das Rendeiras but it’s right next to Praia Mole
Florianopolis 3

When Is The Best Time To Visit Florianopolis?

Brazil is a big country with multitude of microclimates. However, most people will be visiting the coast, going south from Rio to Iguazu.


The best time to visit Florianopolis will be from December to March. This is high season and you’ll have the best weather – hot but with some rain.


However, the shoulder seasons of November and April can also be a great time to visit Florianopolis. The weather will be warm but there will be less tourists.

Downloadable PDF timetable demonstrating the best time to visit south America

To download this chart in a handy infographic, head to the link below:



Brazil Flag

How To Get To Florianopolis

There’s two ways to get to Florianopolis: bus or flight.


  • Bus – Depending on where your coming from, you may want to get the bus. An overnight bus from Rio takes 21 hours and costs between $50-100. I always use Bus Bud to book my buses in South America.


  • Flights – Return flights from Rio take 3 hours and can cost between $100-300. I recommend Way Away to find the cheapest flights and get cashback on each flight booked!

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