How Many Days Do You Need In Brazil? 5 Great Itineraries from 7 Days to One Month

Brazil, a country full of life, boasts a variety of experiences, from the lively streets of Rio de Janeiro to the serene beauty of Iguazu Falls. How many days do you need in Brazil? Use these 5 great itineraries from 7 days to 1 month to help you plan.


How Many Days Do You Need In Brazil?

I would recommend at least a minimum of two weeks in Brazil with three-four weeks being the perfect amount of time.


Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to do in Brazil with:



  • 7 Days – You’ll be able to see everything Rio has to offer and then a short trip out of the capital. Ihla Grande is ideal for nature lovers who want to enjoy the beach, but Iguazu will be the main pick.


  • 10 Days – you can follow similar to above but with more time in each place, or move from Rio to Sao Paulo and then Iguazu. However, it will be a busy 10 days.


  • 2 Weeks – You’ll be able to fit in Rio, Ihla Grande, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis and Iguazu. However, this will be a pacey itinerary with lots of moving around and internal flights.


  • 3 weeks – similar to above but at a much slower pace. You’ll be able to take buses instead of flights in some cases to save money and enjoy an extra day or two at each stop.


  • 1 month – all of the above along with some extra stops at Paraty and Itamambuca for some surfing. You’ll also get much longer on Florianopolis which is a huge island that needs to be explored.
How Many Days Do You Need In Brazil

Is 7 Days Enough In Brazil?

While a week may feel short, it is still ample time to absorb Brazil’s vibrant culture. You’ll be able to see everything Rio has to offer and also escape the city to enjoy one of Brazil’s many natural wonders.


In Rio de Janeiro, you can explore the iconic Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain, stroll along Copacabana Beach, and immerse yourself in the energetic rhythms of samba.


You can then extend your adventure to Ihla Grande, a tropical paradise 3 hours from Rio with pristine beaches and lush hiking trails.


Alternatively, you could fly to Iguazu Falls as this is one of the highlights of the country. 

Brazil 7-Day Itinerary

Option 1: Rio and Ihla Grande

This is the cheaper of the two itineraries as you only need to take a short bus to visit Ihla Grande compared to an internal flight. 


  • Day 1-3 – Rio de Janeiro: (Explore the iconic landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and experience the vibrant culture from samba to street parties)
  • Day 4-6 – Ihla Grande:  Relax on the pristine beaches, hike through tropical forests, and discover hidden coves on a snorkel or dive trip
  • Day 7 – Rio de Janeiro:  Wrap up your trip with any missed attractions or experiences.

3 days on Ihla Grande is ideal for those looking to escape the hustle of Rio. Head to the post below to see why it’s worth your time:



Option 2: Rio, Sao Paulo and Iguazu Fall

This is a costlier one week itinerary as it will include one or two internal flights to Sao Paulo and Iguazu. However, this is recommended if you want to see these three places as the flights will save you time which can be spent enjoying the attractions. 


  • Day 1-3 – Rio de Janeiro: (see as above)
  • Day 4-5 – Sao Paulo: Delve into Brazil’s urban culture and vibrant arts scene
  • Day 6-7 – Iguazu Falls: Marvel at the awe-inspiring waterfalls and explore the surrounding national park. 

How much does a week cost in Brazil?

For a week in Brazil, a daily budget of $75 is reasonable. This includes money for accommodation, meals, local transportation, and smaller activities such as walking tours. 


On top of this, I would add an extra $225 for extras such as one or two nice meals out, and bigger activities such as full day tours you might want to book.


So in total, I would budget $750 for a week in Brazil. 


Additionally, internal flights for Option 2 may cost between $150 and $300, depending on the time of booking and the airline, so if you decide to go for this option I would budget $1000. 

Rio De Janeiro (View From Christ The Redeemer)

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Is 10 Days Enough In Brazil?

With ten days, you can delve deeper into Brazil’s diversity, from the built-up cities to the secluded tropical beaches.


You’ll get 4 days in total in Rio and 3 days on Ihla Grande for relaxation and adventure similar to the one-week itinerary above.


Then in Sao Paulo, with 2 days you’ll discover world-class museums and taste the culinary delights of this cultural hub.


Finally, Iguazu offers a chance to witness the sheer power and beauty of the falls,

Brazil 10 Day Itinerary

This 10-day itinerary is similar to option 2 from above, however, with the extra days allow you to slow down a little and enjoy each place more.


Alternatively, if this feels a bit rushed to you, you can cut out one of the stops. If you are a nature lover then I would cut out Sao Paulo for more time on Ihla Grande or add another stop along the coast such as Paraty. 


Here’s a short breakdown:


  • Day 1-3 – Rio de Janeiro: Explore the city’s iconic attractions.
  • Day 4-6 – Ihla Grande: Enjoy beaches, hiking, and water activities.
  • Day 6-7 – Sao Paulo: Experience the vibrant cultural scene and culinary delights. 
  • Day 8-9 –  Iguazu Falls: Marvel at the breathtaking waterfalls and enjoy the Brazilian and Argentinian sides.
  • Day 10 – Rio de Janeiro: Wrap up your journey with any last-minute experiences.

How much does 10 days cost in Brazil?

For a 10-day trip to Brazil, a daily budget of $75 is suitable. This budget covers accommodation, meals, local transportation, and short activities.


So for 10 days I would budget a minimum of $750 to begin. 


However, internal flights may add an additional $350 depending on your itinerary, the airlines and time of year. 


I would also include an extra $250 extra for any big activities, nights out and fancy meals you might want to include.


So in total, for 10 days in Brazil I would budget $1250. 

How long are you spending in Brazil? Fancy going to Argentina on the same trip? This Brazil and Argentina itinerary guide has everything you need to know:



Brazil Flag

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Is Two Weeks Enough In Brazil?

Two weeks is more than enough time to explore the beautiful coastline of Brazil. You’ll be able to tick off the highlights such as Rio, Sao Paulo, Florianopolis and Iguazu Falls.


With two weeks, you can either opt for a fast-paced adventure or a more relaxed exploration.


Paraty, with its well-preserved colonial architecture, becomes an added gem in the itinerary if you want to see as much as possible. 

Brazil Two-Week Itinerary

Brazil Two-Week Itinerary Option 1: Action Packed

This is a busy itinerary and ideal for travellers who suffer FOMO and want to do as much as possible in the time they have. 


  • Day 1-3 – Rio de Janeiro: Explore the city.
  • Day 4-6 – Ihla Grande: Relax and explore this beautiful island
  • Day 6-7 – Paraty: Experience colonial charm of this coastal gem
  • Day 8-9 – Sao Paulo: Dive into Brazil’s urban culture
  • Day 10-12 – Florianopolis: Enjoy beaches and outdoor activities on this amazing island
  • Day 13-14 – Iguazu Falls:  Marvel at the falls from both sides of the border
Brazil Two-Week Itinerary Option 2: Relaxed

This two week Brazil itinerary is slower and more relaxed compared to the one above. This is the preferred option for travellers who don’t want to feel rushed. 


I have cut out Paraty and Sao Paulo. Paraty is a great place to visit but you’ll have enjoyed enough beach and tropical jungle whilst on Ihla Grande. Sao Paulo is a big city that’s only really for culture lovers wanting to enjoy the museums. 


I personally prefer more time on Florianopolis as its such a beautiful island with over 40 beaches.


  • Day 1-4 – Rio de Janeiro: Explore the city at a leisurely pace
  • Day 5-7 – Ihla Grande: Relax on beaches and explore nature
  • Day 7-11 – Florianopolis Take in the relaxed island vibe. 5 days here means you can explore the islands many beaches
  • Day 12-13 – Iguazu Falls: Experience the wonders of the falls
  • Day 14 – Rio de Janeiro: Wrap up your journey

For more on why Florianopolis is a place spending more time on, check out the post below:



How Much Will Two Weeks Cost In Brazil?

For a two-week stay in Brazil, a daily budget of $75 is a good benchmark. This budget covers accommodation, meals, local  transportation, and activities.


So I would start with a minimum of $1050 for two weeks in Brazil.


Internal flights may range from $300 to $500, depending on the chosen destinations, airlines and which of the two options you go for above. 


So overall, for two weeks in Brazil I would budget $1500.

Florianopolis (Lagoinha Do Leste Beach)

Is Three Weeks Enough In Brazil?

Three weeks is the perfect amount of time in Brazil.


With three weeks, you can enjoy your journey at a more relaxed pace, incorporate bus rides instead of flights to save on costs and see everything the coast has to offer from Rio to Iguazu.


You’ll be able to follow the same route as the itinerary above, but with more days at each stop.


Having the extra time on Florianopolis is always worth it! 

Brazil Three-Week Itinerary

  • Day 1-4: Rio de Janeiro 
  • Day 5-8: Ihla Grande
  • Day 9-11: Paraty 
  • Day 12-14: Sao Paulo
  • Day 15-18: Florianopolis 
  • Day 19-20: Iguazu 
  • Day 21: Rio de Janeiro

How much does three weeks cost in Brazil?

With three weeks, opting for long or overnight buses instead of flights for inter-city travel can result in significant cost savings but will cut into your time.


I would recommend a budget of $500 a week in Brazil, so as a minimum you should be taking $1500 to start with. I would then suggest an extra $500 on top for bigger activities like full day tours, nights out and nice meals.


So in total, I would recommend a budget of $2000 for three weeks in Brazil. 

For more why Brazil is such a great country to visit, check out the post below:



Sao Paulo City

Is A Month Enough In Brazil?

A month is the perfect amount of time in Brazil if you truly want to see everything this country has to offer.


A month provides more time for leisurely exploration, allowing for extended stays in each stop and more immersive experience overall. You will leave Brazil feeling like a local rather than a tourist!


With an extra week, you’ll also be able to add in an extra stop along the coast in Itamambuca, a surfers paradise.

Brazil 1-Month Itinerary

With this 1-month itinerary, you’ll get 5 days in Itamambuca which is a beautiful beach town perfect for those wanting to learn how to surf. You’ll also get longer on Floriaonopolis which means more surfing or simply more time to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.


Here’s a breakdown: 


  • Day 1-5: Rio de Janeiro 
  • Day 6-9: Ihla Grande 
  • Day 10-12: Paraty 
  • Day 13-17: Itamambuca 
  • Day 18-20: Sao Paulo 
  • Day 21-27: Florianopolis 
  • Day 28-29: Iguazu Falls
  • Day 30: Rio de Janeiro 

See this 1-month itinerary in more detail in the post below:



How much does a month cost in Brazil?

For a month in Brazil, I would budget $2500. 


A budget of $500 a week is advisable, and then the extra $500 is for flights and more expensive things such as full day tours, surf camps etc. 

Rio De Janeiro (Copacabana Beach)

When Is The Best Time To Visit Brazil?

Brazil is a big country with multitude of microclimates. However, most people will be visiting the coast, going south from Rio to Iguazu so I’ll only provide an answer for this region. 


There’s no perfect time to visit Brazil, but here are some recommendations to help you decide:


  • High Season – Often recommended as the best time to visit will be from December to March. This is high season and you’ll have the hottest weather but also more rain. Visit between these months if you want a more lively experience and meeting travellers. However, take into account that it will be busier and more expensive. Carnival is also in February.


  • Shoulder Seasons – I usually recommend the shoulder seasons of October-November and April-May can also be good. The weather will still be warm, but there will be less tourists and prices will be cheaper.


  • Low Season – low season in Brazil is June-August, also know as winter. Temperatures are lower but it is much drier. This is likely when most Americans and Europeans visit as its the summer holidays. You’ll enjoy sunny days but you’ll also need some warmer clothes for the evenings. 
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