Cusco, Peru


Cusco is the cultural capital of Peru and with that title, a tourist hotspot welcoming people from all around the globe. This means every food need is catered for; from French to Japanese, and junk food to vegan - Cusco has you covered. We've given you our top recommendations for each category, cheap eats, restaurants and cafes, so that it will be easier to decide where to go.



1. Museo Del Cafe

Museo is more of a cafe/restaurant however, the location in a small courtyard makes it an off the beaten track kind of establishment. They have fantastic coffees (it helps that it’s a coffee museum…) and their breakfast options are excellent.


The cafe has daily promotions including 15% off specials on Monday and 20% off desserts on Thursdays to help entice you. It’s also a great place to work if you’re looking for a spot.

cafe in Cusco
coffee machine in Cusco, Peru

2. The Bagel Cafe

The Bagel Cafe is something a bit different – as long as you like bagels this place will be up your street.

They have sweet and savoury selections on offer including a pizza bagel, breakfast bagel and of course a Nutella bagel, to name just a few. Don’t worry, you can pick and choose your spreads and toppings in-case you can’t decide.

This is another cafe located off the main streets, making it a great place to work or escape from the busy plaza.

Cusco, Peru

3. JC's Cafe

JC’s is an all-rounder, but a fantastic breakfast spot. It’s small inside, but what they lack in space, they make up for with their food.


Breakfast favourites include pancakes smothered in fruit and chocolate sauce and a Peruvian twist on a full English breakfast. They also have burgers, wraps and sandwiches to satisfy your hunger later in the day. Oh, and they do the coffee artwork, which we all love!

Cusco, Peru

4. Cafe Panam

Simple coffees and freshly baked pastries, Café Panam is a great spot for a recharge and break from wandering the city. They have a small seating area upstairs with plug sockets if you are looking to sit down or get online.

5. Qura Bowl Bar

Healthy bowls of all varieties from vegetarian and vegan to meat-infused choices. They also do fantastic smoothies and acai bowls.

Food in Cusco, Peru
açai bowl in cusco, Peru

6. Capuccino Cusco Cafe

Set on Plaza de Armas, the upstairs café has huge balcony doors and a seated terrace, perfect for looking out onto the square and people watching with a coffee.

7. The Meeting Place Cafe

Western staples of pancakes, fresh toast or eggs and bacon – the Meeting Place is a great café for some home comforts or a delicious treat.

Cusco, Peru


1. Limbus Resto-bar

Limbus probably has the best view in all of Cusco, where many people will come to enjoy a cocktail on the terrace.


The bar has a wide selection of traditional and non-traditional cocktails for you to savour. If you haven’t already tasted the local drink of ‘Chica’ which is made from corn. Limbus is an excellent place to try it!


Limbus also serve a range of food options catering to most tastes including hamburgers and steaks, as well as national dishes such as ceviche, lomo saltado and Alpaca! You’ll find something that takes your fancy here. 


This is one place you’ll definitely want to make a reservation as it’s often fully booked so get in there early. It’s also one of our favourite places to have a drink before a night out in town so try and get yourself booked in for around sunset for some amazing views.

A stay in the backpacker friendly Cusco is one of our many reasons to visit Peru. For more great reasons, check out the post below:



Cusco, Peru
Food in Cusco, Peru

2. Pachapapa

Pachapapa is THE place to experience Andean food, all cooked in traditional clay pots or in the large clay oven.


Specialities include; oven-baked trout (‘Trucha’), grilled Alpaca served on skewers or if you’re really feeling adventurous, try oven-baked guinea pig (‘Cuy’).  all sounds very meat-heavy, but, many of their dishes are available as vegetarian options.


The harpist who frequents the restaurant on weekends makes this an incredibly atmospheric and somewhat romantic dining experience. Our favourite!

3. Kion

Kion provides Peruvian Asian fusion food and is a great place to come to try Peru’s popular Asian inspired dishes, Lomo Soltado and Chaufa .


You can get 15% off your meal here if you are staying at one of the better hostels in town –  Kokopelli hostel as one of the many deals they do.

Cusco, Peru


1. Green Point

Even if you’re not vegan, you need to visit this place. Green Point is one of the best restaurants we’ve been to, full stop.


So much thought and effort have been put into each dish, and the results are stunning. The textures and flavours are something I never expected from a vegan restaurant.


Peruvian classics have been recreated entirely free from animal products, and they’re indistinguishable. 


Their dessert menu is also to die for with their unique twist on classic desserts. The drinks menu also has a range of cocktails and beer, which you won’t find anywhere else in Cusco.

restaurant in Cusco
Food in Cusco, Peru

2. Chia Vegan Restaurant

The food at Chia is wonderfully presented, so much so that you might not want to ruin the masterpiece by eating it.


As much care is taken with the ingredients as the presentation, leaving you wholly satisfied. They also have a vegan version of Peru’s national drink, the Pisco Sour!

Cusco, Peru
Best places to ear in Cusco, Peru

3. Shaman Vegan Raw Restaurant

At Shaman your will be maximising your nutritional intake and getting your 5 fruit and veg for the day, especially if you choose a salad which is made fresh with local ingredients.


The food is more basic compared to the other two restaurants but good nonetheless.


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