Best Party Hostels In South America (Hero)

The 18 Best Party Hostels In South America

The party never stops in South America. From rooftop bars to all-day pool parties, here are the 18 best party hostels in South America!


The Best Party Hostels In Colombia

1. The Dreamer - Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Great pool and bar area
  • Super friendly and helpful staff
  • Weekly Pool Party

The first two picks in Colombia are amazing party hostels both in the same town of Santa Marta, Colombia.


The Dreamer Hostel is just outside of the main part of town and is the preferred stay of backpackers who to be spending some time by the pool.


The dorms surround a large pool and outhouse that has a bar, pool table and chillout space upstairs. There are also loads of bean bags and hammocks surrounding the pool so it’s a great place to nurse a hangover during the day.


The Dreamer is a great party hostel as they have something going on every night from salsa lessons to pool competitions. Most people then end up at the bar enjoying drinks before heading in to town to the rooftop bar at La Brisa Loca (the second party hostel on this list).


Whilst the late night party usually ends at La Brisa, the Dreamer hosts local DJ’s every Saturday for some epic pool parties.


They also have a sister hostel in the beach town of Palomino (70km away) which is just as good!

For more detail on how to spend your days in Santa Marta, head to the itinerary post below:



The Dreamer, Santa Marta (Colombia)
The pool at 'The Dreamer' Hostel in Santa Marta, Colombia

2. La Brisa Loca - Santa Marta, Colombia

  • Great Rooftop Bar
  • Lively downstairs bar with crazy drinking games

La Brisa Loca is in the centre of town, and while not as nice as The Dreamer, this is where everyone ends up partying by the end of the night.


The rooftop bar and dancefloor are huge, and the ocean breeze keeps you cool while you dance the night away.


The party wheel downstairs is also a fun edition. Backpackers who are feeling lucky can spin the wheel to win a prize, but it often ends in a forfeit that leads to something wild happening – you won’t want to miss it.


TOP TIP – when visiting Santa Marta, stay at The Dreamer and then take a taxi to La Brisca Loca in the evenings when you are ready to dance.

See how you can spend a month travelling through Colombia with this epic one month itinerary:



The rooftop at La Brisa Loca, Santa Marta (Colombia)
chill out area on the rooftop at La Brisa Loca, Santa Marta (Colombia)

3. Casa en el Aqua - San Bernardo Islands, Colombia

  • It’s a hostel in the middle of the ocean
  • Easily plan day trips to the San Bernardo islands 

This will be the third hostel on the list from Colombia, but it’s impossible to leave it off. The famous hostel set out in the middle of the ocean has two floors, one for sleeping and one for partying.


Don’t expect to sleep much here though if the crowd is a lively one.


You can relax with a beer during the day, jump in the sea to nurse your hangover, swing lazily in hammocks watching the sun set, and then get yourself ready for another wild night as the  sound system starts up again.


Casa En El Agua has also made it onto our best hostels list for the whole of South America for its uniqueness. For more on our favourite hostels in South America, check out the post below:



Casa En El Agua - Colombia
Casa en el Agua - one of the best south american hostels for partying!

4. Rio Hostel - Palomino

  • Unique jungle setting
  • Private river beach
  • Great weekend parties

It seems like Colombia is home to the most unique hostels in South America.


Rio Hostel can be found on the Caribbean coast of Colombia, built on the Buritaca river between the town of Palomino and Tayrona National Park.


There’s no town here so you really are staying in the middle of nowhere. This is the type of hostel to escape to for a few days and forget about the world.


The hostel has a private riverside beach, sundeck and garden. They regularly organise tubing down the river and encourage family-style dining so that everyone in the hostel comes together to socialise.


This is an incredibly unique hostel that is well worth a stay if you are exploring the Caribbean coast in Colombia.

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Joe from Shall We Go Home Travel on the boardwalks behind Perito Moreno Glacier

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The Best Party Hostels In Peru

5. The Point, Lima

  • Set in Barranco, Lima’s hipster neighbourhood
  • Weekly pub crawls to the best bars in Lima

The Point Hostel styles itself the as the “first true backpacker hostel in Peru” and they claim to have created “the perfect blend of a party hostel and laid-back place to meet other cool travellers”.


The hostel is located in a beautiful colonial mansion, set Miraflores and close to all the great restaurants, bars, clubs.


Another major bonus about staying in The Point is that each night there is an organized pub crawl that takes you to the most exciting venues in Lima.


You will be able to get into some of the best bars in Lima on this crawl and at the weekend when the party is in full swing, this is a useful thing to have.

For more information on Lima, head to the complete backpackers guide below:



amazing coastal views in Lima

6. Loki Hostel - Mancora, Peru

  • Beachside location
  • Pool and bar
  • Nightly parties where the whole town ends up

Aside from being a surf paradise, Mancora is also known as Peru’s No.1 party town.


The quality of the hostel chains in Peru is unrivalled, with Loki, Wild Rover and Kokopelli all providing amazing accommodation paired with vibrant social events.


Loki Mancora wins out on this one though, with the Mancora branch being known as the best in the country for delivering epic nights out.


Mancora’s biggest parties happen here, especially on the weekend.


You can expect to see travellers drinking side-by-side with the locals here. If you’re looking for the epicentre of nightlife in Mancora, this is your best bet.


The beachside setting, bar and pool along with themed parties such as the Playboy Party and Anything But Clothing Party make one of the best nights out in Peru.

The Point Hostel, Mancora
the beach and palm trees in Mancora

7. Wild Rover Hostel - Cusco, Peru

  • Open air garden
  • Huge separate bar and dancefloor
  • Nightly activities and drinking games

No list of best party hostels in South America is complete without a Wild Rover hostel.


Wild Rovers can be found in most major cities in Peru but the one in Cusco is the best in my opinion.


This is the best place to meet people if you are looking to have a good time and party. There’s always a vibrant atmosphere fuelled by a diverse crowd of backpackers eager to socialize and share adventures.


Well known for its huge bar, lively bar staff, and general drink themed events, this is one of the best party hostels around.


And the way that the hostel is set up, the bar is separate from the accommodation so the dance floor and music can keep going into the early hours.

Wild Rover Hostel, Cusco
Wild Rover Hostel - Garden Area (Cusco)

8. Wild Rover Hostel - Huacachina, Peru

  • Huge pool essential to deal with the desert heat
  • Staff will organise sandboarding and dune buggy trips in the desert for you

Whilst Cusco is the best Wild Rover in Peru, Huacachina is a close second.


The hostel in Huacachina has a decent sized pool, large bar area and beer pong tables.


If you’re looking for a great social scene with an even better party – this is your place. The nights are wild, and it’s a great place to meet other travellers.


Most backpackers spend the day sandboarding in the desert before starting their night off at Wild Rover. You’ll spend a few hours here meeting backpackers, making new friends, playing beer pong and loads of other party games before heading to one of the clubs in town.


This will be one of the best nights out you have in Peru.

Joe from 'Shall We Go Home Travel' on top of the sand dunes in Huacachina
Best Backpack For South America (Osprey Farpoint)
Best Backpack For South America (Osprey Farpoint)

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It’s reasonably priced and perfect for first timers visiting South America.


Read more here about why it’s so great or head to the official site below:

The Best Party Hostels In Bolivia

9. Wild Rover Hostel - La Paz, Bolivia

  • Huge pool essential to deal with the desert heat
  • Staff will organise sandboarding and dune buggy trips in the desert for you

Bolivia doesn’t have a well established backpacker trail like Peru so the party hostels are lagging here. However, the trusty owner of Wild Rover has set one up in La Paz.


Like all Wild Rover hostels, they are great for getting everyone involved and usually manage to lead the entire hostel through several drinking games before taking them all on a night out.


The bar staff usually begin with beer pong tournaments and games, getting everyone drunk before heading to a club in town.


Pretty impressive stuff and it always means you have a great night without ever needing to organise anything yourself!

Cable Cars Of La Paz (Bolivia)

The Best Party Hostels In Ecuador

10. Secret Garden - Quito, Ecuador

  • Rooftop with great views
  • Walking tours, bar crawls and more all organised by staff

Secret Garden Quito is one of the best places in the capital to have some fun nights out on the town.


They have a fantastic rooftop with a bar, hammocks and sofas, perfect for socialising.


They also run a reliable schedule of activities with beer pong tournaments starting mid-week and a bar crawl on both Friday and Saturday night.


They also have a sister hostel in Cotopaxi National Park which is one of my favourite hostels in the whole of South America. 

For more great travel guides and hostel recommendations for Quito:


Secret Garden (Quito)
Secret Garden views (Quito)

11. Community Hostel - Banos, Ecuador

  • Great social atmosphere
  • Meal nights and social events hosted regularly by the staff

Community Hostel Banos is perfect for solo backpackers looking to make friends easily.


It’s an incredibly social hostel with lots of nightly activities on offer to get people to interact and make friends.


The hostel will regularly help to organise nights out in town. The nightlife in Baños is all contained to pretty much one street which you won’t be able to miss. 


Most nights out start on Calle Eloy Alfaro where all the bars are located. Then everyone in town ends up partying in ‘The Leprechaun’ by the end of the night – nice and easy!

If you are interested in visiting Banos when in Ecuador, check out our backpacker guide for everything you need to know:



Pailon Del Diablo (Banos, Ecuador)

12. Selina, Montanita

  • Beach front hostel
  • Big pool and bar area
  • Yoga, surf and cooking classes all organised by the hostel 

The party never stops in Montanita.


There’s never a dull moment to be had, with Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays all being popular nights and top DJs playing music into the early hours.


Selina tend to cater to digital nomads but in Montanita they also know how to host a good party. The hostel is located downtown, right on one of the central streets where everything happens.


They offer daily activities, surf lessons, yoga classes, tours, shuttles and many other features to make you feel like you found your home away from home. They also have high-end dorm rooms, dedicated co-working spaces, and a big pool.

If you are interested in visiting this epic surf and party town when in Ecuador, check the complete backpacker guide below for everything you need:



Selina, in Montanita
poolside view in Montanita

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The Best Party Hostels In Argentina

13. Milhouse - Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Rooftop BBQs
  • In-house DJs
  • Discounts on club nights in Buenos Aires

Milhouse is famous for being one of the best party hostels in Argentina.


They now have two venues in Buenos Aires (Avenue and Hipo), and the Avenue venue is the place to be for a party and a much livelier time.


The Avenue building has enough beds for hundreds of guests and they are always organising events to keep the huge crowd entertained. They host in-house DJs, tonnes of themed party nights and get you discount on selected nightclub events in BA. 


The best nights take place on the rooftop enjoying Argentinian barbeque.


The staff bring round meat and jugs of wine whilst you socialise and when everyones nice and drink they all head out to a club to carry on partying until the early hours of the morning.

Having an all-nighter at Milhouse in Buenos Aires is one of many great reasons to add Argentina to your South America trip. For more great reasons, head to the post below:



pictures of one of the best South American Party Hostel - Milhouse, Argentina
Plaza De Mayo from above (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

14. Gorilla Hostel - Mendoza, Argentina

  • Comfy rooms and bed
  • Nice garden area with pool
  • Weekly BBQ nights

When I stayed in Mendoza, I spent a week at Gorilla Hostel and loved it.


Aside from the comfortable rooms, beautiful garden area and the pool (which is essential in the summer), they also created a fantastic social atmosphere.


The staff host weekly a weekly asado (barbeque) and the whole hostel will be sat around the tables in the garden enjoying barbequed meat whilst drinking wine.


Stay at Gorillas if you are looking to make new friends and enjoy an authentic Argentinian night out.

Mendoza is another great place to visit in Argentina, especially if you like wine. It’s the countries top wine producing region and you can bike around visiting bodegas and vineyards all day.


For more on this great city, head to the guide below:



Gorilla Hostel, Mendoza (Argentina)
The pool at Gorilla Hostel, Mendoza (Argentina)

The Best Party Hostels In Brazil

15. Books Hostel - Rio De Janiero, Brazil

  • Central location
  • A great party culture (be prepared!)

Books Hostel is in the Lapa district, close to the Centro area where some of the best street parties in Brazil happen on the weekends.


While not the coziest hostel in the world, it’s set up in a way so that you will meet people instantly and be out and about on the town before you know it.


When I visited Rio for Carnival in 2019 I stayed in an Airbnb, but visited Books most nights to party and meet people. 

Partying in Rio is one of the many reasons why backpacking South America is well worth it. For more great reasons, head to the post below:



colourful hostel in south america
bars in a hostel

16. Pura Vida - Rio De Janiero, Brazil

  • Walking distance to Copacabana beach
  • Rooftop terrace and bar
  • Nightly events for socialising

If you prefer to be closer to the beach, then Pura Vida is the way to go!


With a rooftop terrace and bar, this hostel has a reputation for getting lively.


You can spend the day drinking by the beach and then head up to the rooftop for caipirinhas or vice versa.


Either way you are going to have the time of your life in one of the greatest party cities in the world!

best party hostels in south america - gondola in rio de Janeiro

17. The Search House Beachfront Hostel - Florianopolis, Brazil

Barra da Lagoa is a small fishing village on the island of Florianópolis, Brazil.


The island has several hostels but there’s none better than the Search House, set on the white sand beach of Barra Da Lagoa with its own private beach area!


The hostel itself is surrounded by lush green gardens. It has a poolside patio, yoga area, skate ramp, meditation space, hammocks, and you can walk straight onto the white sand of Barra Da Lagoa Beach.


They also have a fully equipped outdoor bar with a great sound system, and they will host everything from pool parties to live concerts on a regular basis. 


The island of Florianopolis has 42 beaches and is an incredible party destination. Check out the post below for more on the best party beach destinations in South America: 



The Best Party Hostels In Chile

18. Pariwana - Santiago, Chile

Pariwana Hostel has a lively and creative vibe, inspired by the colorful streets of Barrio Bellavista.


It’s in an old building near the metro station, perfectly located in the center of Santiago.


The hostel is brand new and promises great sleeping spots with private beds, comfy mattresses, and daily cleaning.


Pariwana is a well-established hostel chain in Peru,  with over 10 years of experience running hostels in Lima and Cusco, so youknow you’re in good hands!


With a huge bar area and beer pong table, this place is set up for backpackers to have a good time!


If you love parties, Pariwana Hostel is the place to be!

Pariwana Hostel Bar Area, Santiago (Chile)
Pariwana Hostel, Santiago (Chile)

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