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The 10 Best Backpacker Hostels In La Paz, Bolivia

La Paz is one of the highest altitude cities in the world. You’ll spend your time riding the Death Road, partying and traversing the cable cars high above the city. Picking the right hostel based on your desired activities is crucial to having the best time whilst travelling so here are the 10 best backpacker hostels in La Paz, Bolivia.


La Paz, Bolivia - Backpacker Hostel Price Comparison

All prices quoted as of January 2021 – from either Hostelworld.com, Booking.com or direct quotes from hostel websites

Here are our top picks from the above list:


  • The Best Party Hostel In La Paz – Wild Rover
  • The Best Hostel In La Paz For a Relaxed Vibe – Selina
  • The Best Luxury Hostel In La Paz – The Nest Boutique
  • The Best Budget Hostel In La Paz – Paititi
  • The Best All-Rounder Hostel In La Paz – Adventure Brew

First, ask yourself what you want to get out of your time in La Paz. Many come for the party, others to ride the Death Road and others to explore the city. Some want to climb the 6,000m mountain, Huayna Potosi.


We advise being well-rested when taking on excursions like Huayna Potosi and the Death Road. These are fun activities, but there’s an element of danger for which you’ll want all your brain cells intact. This might encourage you to stay somewhere more comfortable and peaceful.


We’ve categorised our hostel choices into ‘Party’, ‘Relaxed’, ‘Budget, ‘Luxury’ and ‘All-rounder’ so you can pick the one that suits your vibe the best.  

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  • The best pick for the younger travellers looking for some late nights and solo travellers interested in meeting people. Don’t stay here if you are looking for a good night’s sleep.


  • Slightly more upscale than your party hostel with comfortable communal areas and quiet spaces where you can relax. Stay here if you prefer a good night’s sleep over a party.


  • Choose luxury if want to stay in a hotel but pay hostel prices. These hostels usually focus on single and double private rooms with their own bathroom—best for couples.


  • No-frills accommodation. Doesn’t mean it will be horrible or dirty, just a bed in a dorm and usually a free breakfast. Perfect for budget travellers.


  • This type of hostel has the best of everything. Nice dorm rooms and cleanliness, usually free breakfast, and a social atmosphere so you can still meet other travellers. The all-rounders usually end up being our top pick.
Cable Cars Of La Paz (Bolivia)

The Best Backpacker Hostels In Laz Paz, Bolivia

1. Wild Rover



Wild Rover hostels are the most famous party hostels in South America.


The beds and rooms are standard, but the bar and social scene are unparalleled.


This is the best place in town for a good time. The bar staff are mental (in the best way possible) and encourage all sorts of debauchery. Shots and drinking games are frequent, and there’s no escaping the fun.


If your heart is set on staying at Wild Rover and you plan to stay in several of their locations across South America, we recommend booking through their site as they offer discounts and free stays.


They also have private rooms and pod-style dorm rooms, making this one of the better Wild Rovers.


Prices and beds range from:


  • 4-bed standard- $7
  • 6 bed pod-style dorm – $8
  • 10-20 bed standard dorms – $10 approx.
  • Private twin or double – $28

The party focussed nature of Wild Rover hostels isn’t for everyone, however. We don’t tend to stay in them. Anyone can visit as a guest, so we prefer to stay elsewhere and turn up in the evenings to party. 



Wild Rover La Paz: Website / Hostelworld



2. Loki



You’ll find Loki in the downtown region like most of the other backpacker hostels in La Paz.


They make no secret of their desire to out-do Wild Rover in terms of crazy parties. That’s their selling point.


There’s a themed party each night, and they also offer day-time games and activities. Loki is all about creating a social atmosphere and making backpackers feel welcome. The bar area is also huge and has a fantastic view of the city. 


Prices and beds range from:


  • 4 bed – $10
  • 10 bed – $7
  • Twins and double privates from $29

Maybe it’s our age, or perhaps it’s our desire for comfort in life, but we’ve never stayed at Loki. We’ve been to the parties, and they are definitely wild. If you’re looking to meet people and have a few days of fun, then this is a great option.



Loki La Paz: Website  / Hostelworld

La Paz (Bolivia)

3. Selina



Selina falls on the expensive side of hostels but offers comfy beds, greater privacy and large lockers to keep your gear safe.


Stay here if you want some peace and quiet and don’t want to be woken up in the morning’s earlier hours by people returning from a night out. This is also our recommendation if you’re planning any full-day excursions like hiking or Death Road as you’ll be able to get a good night’s rest.


On the other hand, Selina isn’t the best place for meeting people. They try to be a social hostel, but the communal areas aren’t set up to encourage talking to people and the staff act more like they are working in a hotel than a hostel.


They have a bar, but it’s in the basement and tends to be more popular among the locals than backpackers. 

They also have hostels in the big cities across South America like Quito and Cusco, and you will get discounts if you continue to book with them on your backpacking journey.


This is one of the few hostels in the Sopocachi area, so stay here if you want to be closer to some nice bars and restaurants.


Prices and beds range from:


  • 4 bed – $13
  • 10 bed – $10
  • They also offer private rooms from $50.

You can add breakfast to your booking for $4, whilst the food is good, this is quite expensive for Bolivia.



Selina La Paz: Website / Booking.com / Hostelworld


4. Greenhouse



Greenhouse is another great hostel if you are looking for somewhere with a laid-back vibe.


In the Sopocachi area, you are close to Sopocachi Teleferico Station, Buenos Aires Teleferico Station and Multicine Shopping Centre.


The hostel features a restaurant, bar, shared lounge and garden. Continental and buffet breakfast options are available daily as well. The area is popular for cycling and bike hire is available from the front desk. They also offer a paid airport shuttle service which is handy.


Prices and beds range from:


  • 4 bed – $10
  • 6 bed – $9
  • Double room – $23


Greenhouse: Booking.com / Hostelworld


5. The Nest Boutique



The Nest is a new boutique hostel in La Paz.


It’s bright, spacious and offers a peaceful, comfortable stay. There aren’t many rooms, but this ensures you won’t be disturbed during your stay. Another great option if you’re planning to be active in La Paz.


They also have a small rooftop bar where you can enjoy cocktails while looking out over the city.


Prices and beds range from:


  • 6 bed – $10
  • 4 bed – $11
  • Private rooms are available from $38


The Nest Boutique: Booking.com / Hostelworld


6. Loki Boutique



The first thing to check is that you’re booked into Loki Boutique rather than the loco Loki, as you’d be in for a rude awakening.


This hostel in a great location in between Downtown and Sopocachi so you are close to the tourist sights as well the nice restaurants and bars.


This is more of a hotel than a hostel as it doesn’t offer typical dorm beds. Most options are private rooms, but some rooms sleep more than 2 people. A single private starts at $27.


If you’re looking for a few days to recover and rest without having to pay hotel prices, then this is a fantastic option.



Loki Boutique: Website / Hostelworld

La Paz snow-capped mountain

7. The Adventure Brew



The Adventure Brew Hostel is housed in a huge 19th-century colonial house.


It’s in the perfect location just 5 minutes from the bus terminal and close to the central historic district close to Plaza San Francisco.


They have on-site food services with a restaurant and grill area where they host BBQs. The best part is the terrace attached to the bar where you get some incredible city views.



Prices and beds range from:


  • 4-bed en-suite – $12
  • 4 bed shared bathroom – $10
  • 20-bed dorm – $7
  • Private rooms are available from $26


Adventure Brew is the best all-rounder in our opinion with clean and comfortable rooms, helpful staff and a good mix of social spaces (including a bar) so you can meet other travellers.



The Adventure Brew: Website / Booking.com

The best thing about hostels in South America is that they are cheap but still high quality. The Adventure Brew has also made it onto our best hostels list for the whole of South America.


For more on our favourite hostels in South America, check out the post below:



Adventure Brew's Balcony, La Paz (Bolivia)

8. The Adventure Brew Downtown



The Adventure Brew Downtown is a new hostel created by The Adventure Brew Hostel Group.


With the same design and set-up as the original, the only difference is that this hostel is in a more central location, so you are much closer to the heart of the La Paz tourist centre.


It is located a short walk away from the San Francisco Church, witches market, local stores, pubs and restaurants around the famous Sagarnaga street.


Prices and beds range from:


  • Private rooms are available from $27


Adventure Brew Downtown: Website / Hostelworld

snowy mountains in La Paz

9. Paitití Hostel



Paitití is a budget hostel but one with amazing views of Huyana Potosi.


It’s a small family-run hostel making it feel very homely. It’s located west of Centro, meaning you’ll do more walking to get to the main tourist attractions, but it’s still not far.


There are only two rooms, one for boys and one for girls. The rooms have 4 beds each. Only $5 a night!



Paitití Hostel: Booking.com / Hostelworld

La Paz Views

10. Hostal Perla Negra



Another basic hostel, Perla Negra, is a clean and comfortable option. Their highlight is the eating area which has fantastic views over the city. This is the best option if you want a private room but don’t want to pay through the nose.


Basic double rooms start from $15, making it cheap, especially when split between two people. One dorm is available for $8 per night sleeping 6 people.



Hostal Perla Negra: Booking.com / Hostelworld

Joe and Alex sitting on the edge of death road in Bolivia

Our Top Hostel Pick in La Paz

The best all-rounder is the Adventure Brew hostel, but it’s between Wild Rover and Selina for us personally.


When we were in La Paz, we stayed in Selina and went to Wild Rover for the parties. 


A good shout could be paying a little extra for a pod-style room in Wild Rover so you can hide away if you decide you don’t have the energy to party one night. The location is excellent, and you will 100% end up meeting other backpackers and having a great time.


Our 4-bed (with en-suite) in Selina had pod-style beds with curtains and plug sockets.  The beds were super comfortable and with nice, fresh duvets. We slept well and the place was always super clean and laid-back.

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Where Is The Best Area To Stay In La Paz, Bolivia?

The two best areas for travellers to stay in La Paz are Downtown (also known as Centro) and Sopocachi.


  • Downtown is closer to the bus station and popular tourist attractions such as the Witches Market. You will also have a wealth of food options and backpacker accommodations available.
  • Sopocachi is the wealthier area where most of the bars, clubs and restaurants can be found along with a couple of backpacker hostels.

The two areas are a 15-minute walk from each other. 

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