Hi I’m Joe Bayfield,

Bayf for short!


After spending a year travelling through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, I decided I was an expert on South America and created a website about it. 


Since then I’ve lived in Lima (Peru), Medellin (Colombia) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) for several months at a time. 


I’d love to help you see this beautiful continent through my expertly crafted South America itineraries or my personalised South America trip planning service.

South America Itinerary Expert


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If you have a question about South America or just want to reach out then fire away, I’d love to hear from you.


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  • Email: shallwegohometravel@gmail.com

Meet The Team

Lucy from 'Shall We Go Home Travel' in Cartagena

Lucy (Colombia Writer)

Like Bayf, I love travelling in all its guises, but South America really stole my heart, particularly Colombia.


The fact I stuck around in one place (Taganga, Santa Marta) for a few months might have had something to do with it, as I felt like I could immerse myself in life a bit more than when you’re constantly in transit.


Many people have asked me if I felt nervous or at risk in Colombia but I honestly never did. As a solo female traveller I was careful never to put myself in dangerous positions, but outside of that I have nothing but good words to speak of the country.


I found the people to be friendly and welcoming, the landscape and wildlife to be awe-inspiring and the party…well the party never ends in Colombia! 


I’ll be your guide for Colombia and a few other things from a female-solo-backpacker perspective. 


Vamos a Colombia amigos!

Estefani (Brazil Writer)

Do you know what Brazil has to offer beyond Rio de Janeiro? So many extraordinary places, completely different from anything you’ve seen before, I promise.


Hey there, I’m Estefani, a native of São Paulo, and I’ll be your guide to exploring Brazil, this huge country brimming with diversity and richness. Expect suggestions from me about the most authentic places, frequented by locals – that’s where we’ll embark on our adventures.


For me, the most fascinating part of traveling is how it makes us more aware of our surroundings and the people around us.



Nicole (Chile Writer)

My name is Nicole Porter, I am Chilean and passionate about traveling, mountains, the sea, and outdoor adventures.


By profession, I am an expedition engineer and ecotourism specialist with a focus on mountains. I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries, but above all, my country and South America.


I know my country from the extreme north to the extreme south, passing through its high summits, valleys, rivers, and beaches. I love this country, and I want everyone to come and discover all its amazing and beautiful corners.

Eli (Web Designer, VA)

Hey there, I’m Eli Espinas, part of the awesome team here.


With a passion for digital design and a knack for crafting engaging online experiences, I’ve found my calling in web design.


Originally from the Philippines, I draw inspiration from the vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes of Southeast Asia, where I love to travel and explore.


I bring this diverse perspective and creative energy to my work, aiming to create websites that resonate with users and leave a lasting impact. 


Picture of Joe


He draws from his extensive travels and residencies across South America to craft detailed itineraries, inspiring others to embark on their own unforgettable journeys.

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Picture of Lucy


A passionate solo backpacker, fell in love with Colombia's warmth, wildlife, and perpetual party vibe, offering insights from her immersive and adventurous experiences.

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Picture of Estefani


Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, invites travelers to explore the diverse and authentic facets of her homeland beyond Rio de Janeiro, promising extraordinary adventures off the beaten path.

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Picture of Nicole


A Chilean expedition engineer, shares her boundless enthusiasm for outdoor exploration, offering expertise in uncovering the hidden gems of South America's mountains, seas, and valleys.

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